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Fuji Whittenburg is a Partner with Sostrin Immigration Lawyers, LLP. Ms. Whittenburg counsels on visa and green card options for both individual and corporate clients involved in a wide range of industries including arts, entertainment, new media, as well as start-up businesses in the field of technology. Prior to joining Sostrin Immigration Lawyers, LLP in 2016, she acquired ten years of immigration law experience working at top immigration law firms and serving in various leadership positions on behalf of the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA). She has extensive experience with strategizing immigration options for athletes, artists, business professionals, entertainers, entrepreneurs, multinational executives, specialty occupation workers, as well as university professors and researchers.

As a law practitioner dedicated to improving the quality of U.S. immigration and nationality law and policy on a national level, Ms. Whittenburg is frequently invited to speak on entertainment and business related immigration topics at national conferences, and has authored numerous articles on a broad range of immigration topics for various publications. She regularly leads workshops on post-graduation immigration options for international students at various universities and academic institutions. Given the complexity of immigration laws and issues today, Ms. Whittenburg is frequently sought after for her advice and representation on complex cases before USCIS in both the arts and entertainment arena, as well as in business matters.

Currently, Ms. Whittenburg serves as Vice Chair of AILA’s Athletics, Culture, Entertainment, and Science (ACES) Committee (2015 - present), focusing on immigration issues in these specific industries. Ms. Whittenburg has been a Member of the ACES Committee since its inception in 2011.

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